Donations Change Lives

Your donations support your friends and neighbors who are patients at Bethesda Health Clinic, and they also support people in developing countries.

Donations We Accept

Clothing and shoes for all ages and sizes
Appliances (no major appliances)

Seasonal and holiday items
Sporting Goods

Donation Condition

Not in good condition? No problem! For items that may not be good enough condition to sell in the store, please still bring them in! These items are still a valuable donation because the store is able to salvage them. The salvage group we work with donates usable items for use in developing countries and recycles the materials of the non-usable items. This not only brings in additional proceeds that benefit a good cause here in Tyler at Bethesda Health Clinic, but can also benefit others around the world.

Donation Drop-Off

Drop off Times are: Monday-Saturday: 9am-5:30pm

We have 2 drop-off centers:
Superstore & Donation Center, 920 WSW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701
Highland Village Store & Donation Center, 3826 Troup Hwy, Suite J, Tyler, TX 75701

Our friendly donation center staff will gladly unload your donations from your vehicle.