Thrifting is about more than just finding a good deal. It not only offers a unique way to shop, but it’s friendly to the environment and helpful to local businesses, charities and even developing nations.

We all know the benefits of recycling. But extending the life of clothing goods might have more environmental benefits than most of us realize. Thrifting reduces the demand for harsh chemicals and natural resources that are consumed by the clothing manufacturing process. Also, collecting and reselling clothing locally reduces fuel consumption on a global scale.

Did you know that clothes that are donated and selected for resale are often higher quality than mass marketed clothes? The personal benefit of quality clothing is obvious, but thrifted clothes might even reduce the growth of landfills a bit.

Items that are not marketable are recycled by Hangers of Hope. We send clothing, shoes, and kitchen supplies that we can’t resell locally to developing countries, thereby saving even more items from landfills while providing goods to people in need.

Donations are never wasted at Hangers of Hope. Everything is carefully sorted, selected and directed to benefit our customers and so many others. And of course, the hardworking patients of Bethesda Health Clinic benefit the most.

Please come shop with us today!