Runway for Hope

Where Fashion Meets Compassion: Strut for a Cause at Runway for Hope!

Where Fashion Meets Compassion

Get ready for a runway like no other, where fashion meets compassion and style has a purpose! Join us for an unforgettable afternoon at the most anticipated event of the year – Runway for Hope!

Fashion with a Mission

Experience the thrill of the runway as we present the latest trends and timeless classics, all curated from our very own thrift store gem, Hangers of Hope. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how second-hand chic takes center stage in our premier fashion show. It’s sustainable, it’s stylish, and it’s all in support of Bethesda Health Clinic’s incredible work.

By being part of Runway for Hope, you’re joining a community that cares. Your attendance and support directly contribute to the vital services provided by Bethesda Health Clinic. From healthcare for the underserved to making a positive impact, every step you take on our runway makes a difference.

What’s in Store

Prepare for an afternoon of fashion, friendship, and fabulousness! Our luncheon is not just a meal, it’s a chance to connect with fellow hearts of gold who believe in making the world a better-dressed and better-place-for-all kind of world.

Exclusive Surprises

Who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle? We’ve got surprises in store that will have you smiling all day long. From stylish giveaways to must-have treasures, Runway for Hope is all about spreading joy and creating memories.

Relive the Magic

Runway for Hope 2023 Highlights

Step back in time and relive the dazzling moments from our last year’s event. The joy, the fashion, and the heartwarming connections – all captured in these snapshots from Runway for Hope 2023.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars, gather your fashion-forward friends, and secure your spot on the runway of compassion. Let’s strut our stuff for a cause that truly matters. Be part of Runway for Hope 2024!

Spread the Word


Help us create a ripple effect of goodness! Share the news about Runway for Hope on social media using #RUNWAYFORHOPE. Together, we can turn this event into a movement.

Join us in making fashion history with heart. Run, don’t walk, to secure your spot at Runway for Hope 2024. Let’s show the world that style and compassion are a powerful duo!